Served November 15th 1889 to 1901

Little is known about George Gibb who was appointed Curator of the Botanic Garden on November 15th 1889 replacing Bramley. Three other people sought the position. Unfortunately Gibb's references were returned to him, but judging by the quality of the other candidates he must have been well suited for the position. His letter seeking the job was written from 14 Lloyd Street, Wellington. Evidently he returned to this address on his retirement in 1901 as Wises' directory lists George Gibb, gardener there until 1910 In 1912 the occupier is shown as Miss E E Gibb who continued living there until 1923. From these dates it would seem that George Gibb died somewhere between 1910-1912, but so far no obituary has been found for him.

Director George Gibb outside his home, the original Directors or Keepers cottage, replaced by the annex.

It is disappointing that the newspapers of the day gave no details of his background when they reported his appointment. Although administrative changes were already being discussed when he took up his position, the first two years of his employment were spent under the Board's direction as Head Gardener. It cannot have been an easy time for him as, with only one other permanent worker, he had to maintain over sixty acres . Nevertheless, Hector said in his evidence at the time of the Vesting Act in 1891 that, apart from the gorse and a broken fence along Tinakori Road, the garden was in good shape. This was confirmed by the Council's Reserves Committee inspection of the Garden in September of that year.

After the changeover to Council control , it remained difficult for Gibb, but his position improved in that he was now "chief horticultural advisor to the Council. " It was 1897 before they were in a position to advertise for a suitable person to administer all the Reserves controlled by the Wellington City.

In 1901 he lost both his legs in a train accident, and retired as Keeper and George Kay filled the position on a temporary basis until George Glen took over as Keeper.

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