1873 First map of the Garden


A series of maps of the Garden have been prepared some years ago, showing the location of the main trees, and main tree groups. 

The maps cover a number of main areas, and are coded to show the location and name of the specimens

Since the maps were prepared, a number of trees have been removed for a number of reasons, and new trees have been planted.  However, despite the changes, overall the maps still provide a good resource, enabling specific specimen locations to be identified.

Historic maps shown
First 1873 effort, presumably a draft on that issued two years later, in 1875

Original 1873  map of Garden close up

1875 Buchanan map

This map in fact appears to be the second map of the Garden. The 1875 one may, however, be the first PUBLISHED map.
 At top of page is presumably an earlier draft
of this later effort, which was produced 2 years later.