In the Dompost magazine Indulgence Saturday 16 February 2008 the followoing article appeared. Photos are by Phil Reid.

It is published with full acknowledgement to the Dompost and Bethney McLennan.

It is an fascinating article on the spectacular begonias displayed in the Begonia House, and the work being done with them behind the scenes.

The Garden has also reported:--

The scented begonias bred at the Nursery last year and sown and grown on this year are truly delicious and mighty aromatic. With our regular suppliers and past breeders and growers falling by the wayside, triggered last year by the last one taking retirement from breeding at age 78, we took the initiative to breed our own supply. Two seasons ago we had success with breeding some of our own red begonias. Our first attempt at breeding, cross-pollinating two of our prize blooms, coincidentally happened to fall on civil union day