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The Walk starts at the Cable Car Lookout.

The Cable Car Museum is worth a visit (free). This is located adjoining the Cable Car and lookout. The Carter Observatory is also close by and warrants a visit.

You may want to take the Kowhai Walk before commencing this walk.

Leaving the Lookout, there are a number of paths - see photo to identify the individual paths.

From the right to left

East Path, which leads to Norwood Path (Walk 5)
In front of you going away, the Kowhai Walk (
Walk 6)
Grass Way - this walk
Other paths to the left lead to Upland Road and the Cable Car

Paths are named a few metres from their start.

THE WALK shown in blue on the map

Path marked in PURPLE

Features marked in blue circle
and yellow letter

A. Bentham Cypress
B. Birch collection
C. Californian Redwood
D. Port Jackson Pine
E. Pohutukawa
F. Northern Rata and Ash collection
G. Araucaria and hydrangea collections
H. Peppermint Gum
I. Pinus torreyana
J. NZ Kauri

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From the Lookout to Playground - take Grass Way - note the redwoods, Morton Bay Pine to the left, while on right are totara, karaka, etc. About half way down is the Australian Garden, and a short extra excursion can be made down the path through the Australian Garden to a lookout. Return to main path.

"Ol Stumpy"
In Children's Main Playground
Carved from the trunk of one of the old pines
that had to be removed for safety reasons.

At the Children's Playground, turn right down Myrtle Way, noting the Aracaria and hydrangea.

Part of the hydrangea collection

At the next junction, turn left down William Wakefield Way, where you will pass the Succulent Garden and Rock Garden after which you reach the Treehouse Visitors Centre. Information, maps toilets are available here. Walk the balcony as great views of the Main Garden and surrounding area is obtained.

Take the lift to the lower level, or from William Wakefield Way take the path down immediately by the Treehouse past the threatened species garden, to the Fragrant Garden to enter the Main Garden.. Follow the paths to the William Bramley Drive, turn left to the Duck Pond and go to the Founders (Main) Gate by the William Bramley Drive or Ludlam Way.

Full details of the Main Garden are detailed in Walk 2:

 Guided walk in succulent garden

Complete the Walk from the Founders Gate by incorporating Walks 3 and 4 to the Rose Garden and the Bolton Street Memorial Park.

The Downhill Walk is discussed in a number of sections.

Starting at the Cable Car :

Walk 1 Grass Way
Walk 2 Main Garden
Walk 3 Rose Garden and Begonia House
Walk 4 Bolton Street Memorial Park

Other walks

Walk 5 East Way and Norwood Path
Walk 6 Kowhai Walk

Walk 7 Sculptures