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The Bolton Street Memorial Park (known originally as the Bollton Street Cemetery) lies between the Rose Garden and the City, forming the main pedestrian accessway.This historic cemetery contains the remains of many early Wellington settlers, and also the nationally important Heritage Rose Collection.


Historic monuments, including Richard John Seddon Prime Minister 1893-1906, Harry Holland, Leader of Opposition 1918-1933, Gwendoline Beauchamp, baby sister of Catherine Mansfield, the Wakefield family grave, and Samual Duncan Parnell, the father of the 8 hour working day, and many more
Lookout over Tinakori historic cottages
Site of Sextons Cottage
Church of England Sexton's Cottage, built 1857, restored 1978, not open to public
Anglican Mortuary Chapel, built 1866, replica. Open 10 am to 4 p.m. daily.
Memorial Lawn
Heritage Rose Collection - best seen November/December
A number of old historic confers

A brochure on the Memorial Park is available from Treehouse Visitors Centre or from the Mortuary Chapel.


From the Rose Garden the walk is downhill. It starts by the Peace Flame, and follow the road behind Anderson Park, past the Sports Pavilion to the gate by the prominent Seddon Memorial. Take Robertson Way and explore the side paths. Over the Dennis Mcgrath Bridge, past the Wakefield plot, you can either take the sidewalk along Bolton Street to the city, or follow Governors Way past the Memorial Lawn to the Chapel and Sextons Cottage. To reach the city from here, exit downhill to The Terrace, turn left to Bolton Street lights, turn right to Parliament and Lambton Quay.

The reverse route from the city involves a relatively easy uphill walk on sealed pathways. Some secondary paths are shingled only.

Obtain a Map, either for the Garden or the Memorial Park for paths, and go and explore.



The Downhill Walk is discussed in a number of sections.

Starting at the Cable Car :

Walk 1 Grass Way
Walk 2 Main Garden
Walk 3 Rose Garden and Begonia House
Walk 4 Bolton Street Memorial Park

Other walks

Walk 5 East Way and Norwood Path
Walk 6 Kowhai Walk

Walk 7 Sculptures