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Monday 27 November, 11 am

The Lady Norwood Rose Garden

Take time to smell the roses
and learn more about them by joining this walk
with a guide to see the vibrant colours of the first flowers of the summer.

Meet at the fountain in the Rose Garden for this one-hour walk.
Cost: $5.

Sunday 21 January, 11 am

Midsummer botanical ramble

In this relaxed 90-minute walk we will look at the contrasts
 between ‘primitive’ and ‘modern’ trees;
the elegance and clumsiness of tree ferns;
the ‘everyday biochemistry’ of plants and what this means for us;
 why pollen likes being yellow; and other botanical oddities.

Meet at Founders Entrance, Glenmore Street.
Cost $5 (cash only).


Monday 22 January, 11 am

Herb Garden Walk

Discover the fragrant, medicinal, culinary and domestic uses of herbs
 on this 90- minute Herb Garden walk.

Meet in the Lookout at the north end of the Herb Garden, above the Rose Garden.

Cost: $5 (Cash only).


Sunday 18 February, 11 am

Trees that shaped history

This 90-minute downhill walk
 will highlight trees at the hub of textile manufacturing in the industrial revolution,
 extremely large-scale civil engineering, transport and mobility,
 ship building, food and beverages, ancient and modern medicine linkages,
 aeronautics and musical instrument making.

Meet at the Cable Car Entrance, Upland Road.
Cost $5 (cash only).


Monday 26 February, 11 am

Beetles, Beaks and Branches

On this moderate 90-minute walk, with one uphill section,
 we look at insects and birds, and their relationship with both native and introduced plants.

Meet at the Founders’ Entrance, Glenmore Street.
Cost: $5 (cash only).


Monday 12 March, 11 am

A ramble through the Garden

Join this moderate walk
 for a guided 90-minute ramble from the Cable Car entrance
 to the cafe in the Rose Garden.

Meet at the Cable Car entrance, Upland Road.

Cost: $5 (Cash only). (Kath)

Wednesday 14 March, 11 am

Pine Hill Path and the Herb Garden

Learn about some of the history, background
and plants in this area of the Garden.

Meet at the Founders’ Entrance, Glenmore Street
 for this moderate 90-minute walk.

Cost: $5 (Cash only). Carmen

Friday 16 March, 11 am

Our Heritage Garden

Wellington Botanic Garden is classified as
 A Garden of National Significance
by the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture
 and as a Heritage Area by Heritage New Zealand.
 Enjoy a guided walk through native forest
and plant collections
, learn about our plants,
 some of our early history and about our historic buildings.

Meet at the Cable Car Entrance
and finish in the Rose Garden.
Moderate walk with an uphill section. 75 minutes.

Cost: $5 (Cash only). (Maureen)

Sunday 18 March, 11 am

150 years of change in the Main Garden

The landscape of the Main Garden
 has been changed extensively over the years,
to produce the garden area we see and enjoy today.
This walk tells the fascinating story of this area,
 much of which is not well known,
a story appropriate with the 150th Anniversary in October this year.

Meet at the Founders’ Entrance, Glenmore Street, for this easy 90-minute walk.

Cost: $5 (cash only). (Phil)

Monday 26 March, 11 am

Plants for food

On this walk, we look at a range of plants
that can be used for food.
 Some of these are well-known, but others might surprise you.
 This is a moderate to energetic 90-minute walk, with some uphill sections.

Meet on the uphill side of the Playground.

Cost: $5 (Cash only)   (Jenny)

Sunday 15 April, 11 am

Autumnal botanical whirl
In this 90-minute whirl we will consider trees as factories for foods and beverages,
 sources of critical medicinal products,
 suppliers of ‘frankincense and myrrh’,
 enemies of free radicals,
and ‘sinks’ for all the atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) we are hearing about.

Meet at Founders’ Entrance, Glenmore Street, at 11.00am.

Cost: $5 (cash only). 


Monday 23 April, 11 am

Walk of remembrance

On this walk we look at plants
from some of the countries involved in the World Wars,
and plants associated with peace and remembrance.

Meet at the Cable Car entrance for this easy 90-minute walk, with one uphill section.

Cost: $5 (cash only).  (Jenny)

Sunday 20 May, 11 am

A woody fruit-fest

A legacy of Wellington’s summer
is the large ‘smorgasbord’ of woody fruit structures,
some still on trees and some on the ground.
A close-up look at these will be central to our consideration
 of the wider botanical character of this superb garden.

The leisurely walk will take 90 minutes and be all downhill on sealed surface.

Meet at Cable Car Entrance, Upland Road.

Cost: $5 (cash only)  Reg)

Monday 28 May, 11 am

Dinner in the garden

For a walk with a difference,
 come and enjoy a ‘virtual’ meal in the Main Garden.
You may be surprised to discover the many products
that trees and plants can provide.
 In addition to the timber that trees provide,
you can obtain delicacies such as chocolate, salads, sugar, chewing gum,
 many exotic drinks, and items such as ink, writing materials, food wrap and more.
Meet at the Duck Pond for this moderate 75-minute walk.

Cost: $5 (cash only)    (Phil)

Sunday 17 June, 11 am

Bits and Bobs

Discover bunya, birch, beech, bamboo, bromeliads, banksia, bananas, bark, beetles, birds, bees, bats,
 some botany and how these plants are of benefit to us.

Meet on the downhill side of the Playground
 for this moderate to energetic 90-minute walk with steps and one uphill section.
Cost: $5 (cash only).


Monday 25 June, 11 am

Sculptures, Sundials and Solstice

View the sculptures and the sundials in the Botanic Garden
and hear their stories on this moderate 90-minute winter solstice walk.

Meet in the Begonia House foyer.
Cost: $5 (cash only).

Guided walks are run by the Friends of Wellington Botanic Garden.

Walks cost as indicated, payable on the day.
Friends of the Wellington Botanic Garden free - show membership card

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