Volunteer guides provide a service to groups visiting the Garden.

1. To organisations and groups
2. On cruise ship days a hosting service at the Cable Car entrance and Rose Garden. An on demand guiding service is provided if sufficient guides are available each day.

Guides are put through a training program before given their badges and continuing training is provided during the year.

Guiding covers the Wellington Botanic Garden, the Bolton Street Memorial Park Heritage Roses, and the Truby King Garden. Tours are also run in evenings to the glow worms in the Garden.

Guide training is also provided as required

The WBG guides also proivied tours to the Truby King Memorial Park in Melrose, and to see the glow worms in the Bellington Botanic Garden.  .

If you are interested in becoming a guide, or would like to find out what is involved, contact the Treehouse Visitor's Centre.

The NZ Department of Conservation has published an excellent interpretation (GUIDING) manual.  This can be downloaded PDF format  CLICK

More details and bookings contact the
Wellington Botanic Garden Treehouse Visitors Centre
phone 04 499 1400

Guides in action - top in Succulent Garden, bottom in the Rock Garden  Guided tour of Rose Garden
Guides in the Herb Garden Sampling Herbal Tea during Herb Garden Guided Walk
Group on Herb Garden Guided Walk
(Teasel plants in foreground)
Using the natural teasel seed head
to card wool on a recent guided walk to the Herb Garden

Teasel used in the above demonstration growing
in the Herb Garden
Close up view below