In 1970 the Herb Garden was established with 40,000 bricks from the houses demolished in Glenmore Street for the site of the Anglican Church Mission. There were limited funds, insufficient for the whole project, but it was said if the bricks could be got to the site by Monday at no cost, finance to complete the project would be provided. A call for volunteers was so successful all the bricks were transported by the time required.

General view of the Herb Garden
(Lion Head fountain at far end.)

Established with the assistance of the local herb society, it provides an extensive display of herbs and Maori medicinal plants. An informative sheet is available at the entrance to the Herb Garden to identify and provide information on the plants to be seen. Please return the sheet to the holder for other visitors to use.

Spectacular view from the Herb Garden lookout

Lion Head Fountain on far wall
in Herb Garden

Sampling Herbal Tea during Herb Garden Guided Walk

Group on Herb Garden Guided Walk
(Teasel plants in foreground)

Using the natural teasel seed head
to card wool on a recent guided walk to the Herb Garden

Teasel used in the above demonstration growing
in the Herb Garden
Close up view below