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· One of the significant activities of the Guides has been the provision of a volunteer hosting service for visitors. This in the past has been limited to the days on which cruise ships visit Wellington.

A guide with visitors at the Cable Car entrance

· A few guides already assist with hosting only.
· The hosting service is appreciated by visitors, who seek information on the Garden, where to go and to find out what facilities are available. More general questions on the City and country are often asked, and many visitors enjoy talking to 'a native of the country'.
· On cruise ship days guides have been available from 9.30 to 3.30, in two shifts.
· While there is demand for tours, these have not generally been provided as the hosting responsibilities have generally taken priority.
· There is a demand for hosting throughout the peak summer visitor season. Expansion of the hosting service during the peak visitor season to every day appears desirable. With over 50 cruise ships this year, and over 30 large vessels, there will be a significant demand for the service.
· Many gardens provide a hosting service, and the expansion of the service in the Wellington Botanic Garden appears desirable and brings us into line with many other gardens.
· The hosting service involving the general Friends membership and other interested persons appears to be one way of expanding the service. The duties are not taxing, and assisting and talking to visitors is rewarding

Lookout at Cable Car Entrance where hosts mainly operate

§ A big smile
§ A friendly and open manner
§ A general knowledge of the garden, its layout etc.
§ A general knowledge of the city

§ A guide shelter is planned for the Cable Car entrance. In the interim facilities are available to store bags etc.
§ Name badges will be provided
§ A distinctive uniform or identification clothing will be provided, distinctive from the Garden or guide uniforms. Initially this will comprise a colourful jerkin.
§ Some limited training will be provided - to give knowledge of the downhill walk and location of main collections, facilities of the garden etc. See later notes .Much useful information on the downhill route, and other parts of the garden, can be found elsewhere on this site.
§ Hosts will NOT be expected to do any formal guiding although anyone interested in this would be welcome, and we can provide further information..
§ Where possible, especially on cruise ship days, guides will also be rostered on, to provide detailed information and assist hosts, and to provide a limited guiding service. A fixed scheduled tour time may be organised if demand exists especially if information can be got onto the cruise ships.

§ A hosting co-ordinator will set and organise rosters
§ Where possible hosts will be provided every day during the tourist season. If the odd day is missed for whatever reason this is not critical, although full maintenance of the service is desired. Priority will be given to cruise ship days, especially with the larger ships are in the harbour..
§ Where possible two hosts will be rostered each period, although one person can provide the service if necessary.


· Priority will be given to the large ship days, although ideally the service should be covered during the main tourist season. Arrivals run from 26 Sept 2007 to 13 April 2008, although the main period is from November to February. 45 ships are scheduled during this period.
· Each persons degree of involvement is voluntary, although a minimum commitment of say 10 sessions during November to February is desirable. More if you can!!
· Hosts are invited to indicate days on which they can assist. A roster will be prepared. Hosts and guides should provide phone numbers and e-mail addresses if possible to enable contact if necessary. If you cannot complete an allocated session, please advise roster co-ordinator, and arrange someone else to assist of you can.
· 2 hosts/guides will be scheduled for each session. Initially each new host will be with an experienced guide.
· Generally two hosting sessions are run each day; from 9.30 to 12.30 and from 12.30 to 3.30 although these times are flexible. Priority will be given to the morning sessions, and the afternoon session will be maintained if possible.
· A training session will be arranged at a suitable time at the Cable Car entrance. This will comprise up to a 2-hour session with a discussion of relevant matters, administration, etc. A walk of the downhill route will also be included if you are not familiar with the route so everyone will be familiar with the recommended route. This year we hope the route will be marked with colourful flowers painted on the path to make it easier for visitors, although eventually it is hoped permanent tiles will be available.
· Each host will be issued with a name badge for identification, and identification jerkins will also be available. A uniform will eventually be provided, but this will not be available this year.

you can assist, contact the Friends at information@friendswbg.org.nz) and give your relevant contact details. We will get back to you and answer questions and provide other relevant information you may require.

Hosting is a lot of fun, and at the same time, provides a very worthwhile service to this popular facility in this city. We have a great team and we are sure you will enjoy the experience.

We would love to have you with us.

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