Pedestrian access

The main entrance is off Tinakori Road to the Main Gardens through the Founders Gate. Two other entrances provide access further up Glenmore Street, which runs parallel with the Main Gardens.

North of the Main Gate is the Centennial Entrance, which gives access to the Rose Garden, Begonia House, Anderson Park and the Bolton Street Memorial Park.

From the city the gardens can be accessed from The Terrace via Auroa Street, through the Bolton Street Memorial Park and over the Dennis McGrath Bridge. From The Terrace is takes about 15 minutes to the Lady Norwood Rose Garden, and about another 5 minutes to the Main Garden.

The main Upland Road access can be approached via the historic Cable Car. Spectacular city views are available, and easy access is provided to all parts of the Garden, including the Carter Observatory and Golden Bay Planetarium.

The Cable Car is the recommended tourist entrance. Purchase a SINGLE cable car ticket at the bottom where you enter from Lambton Quay. It is recommended that you walk back to the city via the downhill route through the Garden, through the Main Garden with its historic trees, Duck Pond and seasonal planting, to the Rose Garden and Begonia House. The Walk is completed through the Bolton Street Memorial Park.

If you decide to return to the city by Cable Car, the return ticket is purchased at the lower terminal. A small discout is available by purchasing a return ticket at the start, but it may still be worth preservingd your options. 

Cable Car entrance to the Garden

Secondary access is available from Salamanca Road (East Entrance), The Glen and off Mariri Road.


The main access is via Bolton Street and along Tinakori Road to the Main Gate and West Entrance. Car access for the public into the garden is only available through the Centennial Entrance at the Rose Garden and by the Seddon Memorial by Anderson Park. The parking at these locations is very limited.


Access via the Cable Car to Upland Road provides a spectacular visitor entry. The Cable Car runs regularly from Cable Car Lane off Lambton Quay. The Cable Car departs every 10 minutes.


The garden lies on the Karori Bus route 2  to the Main (Founders) entrance by bus throughout the day. The return bus to the city is on the opposite side of the road, in front of the hotel and shows Seatoun as the destination. The bus runs throughout central Wellington from well marked bus stops.  Change is given so you do not need the exact fare.


Map from Brochure
'Visit Wellington's Living Attractions - Wellington Botanic Garden and Otari Wilton's Bush"