Wellington Botanic Garden
Friends of the Botanic Garden:
Invitation to Volunteer 

Members of the Friends are invited to consider helping restore and maintain the perennial garden on Druid Hill. Work will begin on Monday 8 March at 9am and on successive Mondays until the main restoration work is complete. Thereafter there will be a maintenance role for volunteers. Coordinators for this project are Ros Iles and Kert Snater and we are looking for volunteers to pitch in to help get this garden restored to its former glory.


The Committee of the Friends of the Botanic Garden have learned that Garden management has decided to remove the perennial garden at the top of the Camellia garden on Druid Hill (between the Listening Device and the Rudderstone) and replace it with shrubs. The reason is pressure on Botanic Garden resources (two gardening positions have been cut). This seemed to us a pity since it has been an attractive garden against the backdrop of the bush remnant and alongside the sculpture walk. We have discussed the situation with David Sole who would be very pleased if volunteers from the Friends would be prepared to take on the task of restoring this garden and helping maintain it.

Your committee have agreed this would be worth a try. Two Committee members - Ros Iles and Kert Snater - have put themselves forward as coordinators of this project. They will need help from other Friends' members to carry out the work involved.


At present this garden is overgrown because it has not been maintained in the recent past. The main issue is an infestation of convolvulus. We are advised by Garden staff that what is required to be done is to lift the existing perennial plants, transfer those worth retaining to the nursery, and then dig/fork through the whole garden to remove the convolvulus. Then the garden can be replanted. Some heavy work will be required in the initial stages but once replanted the garden should be relatively simple to maintain. Tools, new plants, technical advice, the removal of debris, the storage of removed plants etc will be provided by Garden staff (Leanne Killalea and Dale Such will work with us on the project).

For OSH (and common sense) reasons, those working on this project will be required to have gardening gloves and, if digging, safety (capped) shoes or boots.

We plan to begin the project on Monday 8 March at 9am and then on successive Mondays at the same time until the initial clearing-up is completed. We hope the garden can be replanted in the spring.

We would welcome any member of the Friends (or non members also) to help with this project. You can come at any time and stay as long as you wish. It would be helpful if you could notify Ros (email 'Rosalind Iles' telephone 499 6560) if you intend to take part in this project. We hope you might inform other potential volunteers.

Volunteers are also sought by the garden to assist with general gardening duties. For further information contact the Treehouse Visitor Center