One of the 4 gardens managed by the Wellington Botanic Garden, (the Main Garden, Bolton Memorial Park, Truby King House, and Otari).   Truby King House at Melrose was the home of Sir Truby King, founder of the Plunket Society in New Zealand.

The garden is open to the public during the day.  Admiszsiion is free

Parking is limited, and the sloping site with some uneven paths,  requires some care during visits.  It is in a spectacular site overlooking  Wellington Airport  and the Mirimar Peninsula..  

The garden is noted for the spectacular brickwork erected by Truby King.  Many rhododendrons are planted, and an avenue of flowering cherries make a spectacular view in early spring.

The Friends guides  run occasional on demand tours in this garden. Visits to the house are also available during Trust open days, or can be arramged at suitable times. 

Further information including maps can be found at the official garden website.

The following photographs illustrate the main areas of this Garden and typical views

Sir Frederick Truby King, 1858-1938, (Relief from The Mausoleum)

Truby:King House

Dining room  Truby King House
Library view,   Truby King House Library view,   Truby King House in Truby King's time, with the famous telescope
Brickwork by house Moon gate
Moon gate from exterior Brickwork detail
Brickwork detail Wall detail
Arch Outside library

Garden lookout
The Mausoleum
It is here that Sir Truby and Isabella King are interned.
The Mausoleum has a “A” Classification from the New Zealand Historic
Places Trust, and was put in place on 15 February  1990
The first recent rhododendron planting took place during a ceremony
on the WCC assuming management of the Park. 
The then mayor, Mark Blumsky undertook this planting  on
31st of October 1995

View of factory

Garden walk
A favourate haunt of the trainee  nurses in the evening
when the hospital was in operation.
The required chaperon sat around the corner out of sight,
and the nurse and boyfriend had some privacy.
Even today it is a pleasant spot to stop.
Garden view of Miramar Peninsula and Wellington Airport